A shameless plea for money.

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A shameless plea for money.

Post by NavyChief » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:17 pm

Several years back we decided – as a courtesy for our members – to provide a "For Sale/Trade" set of sub-forums. As these forums have become more well known, traffic has understandably increased. Not surprisingly, many who have no further (apparent) interest in OFCC than to turn a buck are among some of the larger users of these FS/T forums. Some – our commercial advertisers – have their very own sub-forum. They are both known and welcome, and typically have given more to OFCC than we could hope to make in advertising. Those are our "win-win" relationships.

Now let's talk about those "you win-we get nuthin' except the pleasure of your company" relationships. Those folks that spend 90% or better of their time selling (and sometimes buying) in the other four non-commercial FS/T sub-forums. You know who you are. We know who you are. Oh – and everyone else knows who you are. We have discussed various possibilities for limiting access to these sub-forums whether through post count, OFCC Membership status, what-have-you. Ultimately we came to the conclusion most anything we came up with would be a microcosm of what we despise about most gun laws – simply make it more difficult for the average forumite while having little to no effect on those that're using us as their own personal little free GunBroker.

So, here's the deal. We can't make you donate. But by golly it'd sure be a decent thing to do. So pry open that wallet, click on "Make a Donation", and throw a few bucks OFCC's way. Better yet, click on "Join/Renew/Donate" and become a member...

Help us help you. Yes, we're an all-volunteer organization. No, not a one of us draws any sort of salary. Nonetheless, almost everything we do costs something. ...and all those little somethings start adding up. Unlike some organizations, we don't have a Soros-backed foundation shoring us up. :wink:
Total repeal of ALL firearms/weapons laws at the local, state and federal levels. Period. Wipe the slate clean.