The (Weak) Case against Arming Teachers

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Re: The (Weak) Case against Arming Teachers

Post by JEaton » Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:17 pm

This is another reason schools are looking to staff as part of their safety plans. Like it or not, LE is just like every other occupation, half the people are above average and half are below average and you never know who you are going to get when you need help. By choosing the staff, training the staff, qualifying the staff, monitoring the staff etc etc, this takes part of this one variable out of the equation. The schools at least have some control over who is coming to help, what their training is and what their level of proficiency is. Nothing will ever be 100% but as you mentioned below, teachers have a vested interest in not only themselves, but the kids also. To some LEO it is just a job.

schmieg wrote:After the debacle in Parkland, one question that no one has posed is if police officers are reluctant to enter and engage a shooter in the school, how unlikely is it that a teacher who has volunteered to be armed and trained accordingly will not engage or try to take out the shooter when the teacher is one of the obvious targets. I would venture to say that even those teachers who cringe at the idea might be inclined to take action if the gunman is throwing bullets their way.

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