RKBA is sexist, ya'all

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RKBA is sexist, ya'all

Post by bignflnut » Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:44 am

It's way off the rails of logic, but it's a somewhat novel take:
Here’s a disturbing fact to consider in 2018, the year women supposedly began to topple the patriarchy: Gun owners in the United States, a majority of whom are men, have better constitutional rights than women.
Oh, brother.
Of course, the Second Amendment applies to all Americans. But is there really any doubt that guns are unabashedly, toxically masculine?

2A applies to American government.
Yes, there's really any doubt that guns are masculine. There are pink guns. Many of them. Because pink is pretty and that matters to ladies.
Recent efforts by the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers to market weapons to women haven’t done much to change this. Thirty-nine percent of men said they own a gun, in a recent Pew survey, compared with 22 percent of women. Of course, Second Amendment rights have traditionally been a liberty fully enjoyed mostly by white men ― and the stats reflect this: 48 percent of those guys own a gun.

If a boy grows up in a house with guns, he’s far more likely to participate in gun-related activities, according to Pew. After all, from the time boys are able to walk, they are lured into loving guns ― they get Army men to play with, fashion pistols out of sticks, watch “cool men” shoot people in video games and on the big screen. Gun companies run advertisements, like this one from Bushmaster, that equate gun ownership with masculinity.

This is an ad for the gun Adam Lanza used to murder 20 children & 6 adults. We need to talk about American masculinity. pic.twitter.com/tsowQgIG
— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) December 17, 2012

To grown men, guns are marketed as the ultimate safety device, allowing them to protect themselves and, this is crucial, their families ― wives and children ― from danger.

But we know the truth: Women are in greater danger when their partner has a gun. The risk of a woman being murdered in a domestic violence situation increases 500 percent when there’s a gun in the house, according to one study.

Women would be better protected with the help of the law, not a device meant to kill.
So, after citing a case where the cops refused to enforce a restraining order, you say that women are better off with restraining order enforcement than a weapon?

Yes, men have their heroic fantasies and honor exploited in marketing-- What does that have to do with women defending themselves from dangerous people?

Ironically, now that you've "liberated" women from the oppression of men caring for their physical needs, you want to have women disarmed? Femininity being comprehensively devalued, you expect the laws that throw men in jails (by a large margin) to protect females?
“A free people claim their rights, as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate.”
-Thomas Jefferson, 1774

Tweed Ring: "...we should have all done more to elected Republicans..." Agreed

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Re: RKBA is sexist, ya'all

Post by WY_Not » Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:18 pm

Someone better hurry up and tell my oldest daughter that she is being oppressed then.

She enjoys hunting out west (and here in Ohio) with us. She enjoys Appleseeds. She's trying to make time to get her CHL; her schedule as a commercial construction manager makes it kinda tough though. She just bought a house at the age of 21. She drives a pickup truck that she bought. She is an assistant dance/flag instructor at her HS.


Yeah, she's real oppressed.
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